Unable to attend event/session. on the site

glsr | req | GET /attend/2r1raHQ {method: ‘GET’, url: ‘/attend/2r1raHQ’, e: ‘no code found’}
glsr | request | GET /attend/2r1raHQ

Getting this error message in the console log.

Hi Ryan, apologies for the slow reply - it was a bank holiday here on Friday and Monday. We’re looking into this for you and will get back asap with a proper response.

Hi Ryan, we believe the error you’re seeing here is caused by the same issue you’ve reported in the topic below, so the workaround suggested there should also solve this problem.

Elements are not working with dynamic parameters slient login

Thank you Ben for reaching to me. I will follow the instruction as you suggested. Will this auto resolve when you will fix at your end?.

Also, I have a query regarding the download element Or can say session.

When I visit the page first time it shows the email id in the “email address” of Download element field on the first visit the page.
But When I refresh the page then a unique session id will appear here instead of the email address