Slide element - with multiple session id simultaneously on different pages on same site

Hello, We have tried to render slide element with session id XYZ on one page.
another session id ABC on another page. But seems it is loading the slide of session XYZ on another page.

Is there any possibility we can add multiple slide elements on the same site using different - different sessions?

One more thing I have noticed, in the Download element, if we open a page for the first time it will show email id as an identifier, But when we refresh the page the email replace with session unique id “user-f9630d1e-336c-4b86-ad0c-d6d4b27f7b91” Still we can track users in the analytics? Or how we can identify users by their email addresses?

Hi Ryan, me again!

Regarding loading multiple sessions across different pages, for now you’ll need to clear out any glsr_ local storage when switching between sessions. Going forward though we’ll be implementing a change which negates the need for this.

With the Download element problem, we’re unable to reproduce this problem locally but we’ll do some digging and see if we can find anything. If you have any screenshots or browser logs that would be great. This issue won’t be affecting analytics though, so no problems there.

Hi Ben, Thank you for clearing this issue. can you please give some brief on how we can clear glsr_local storage?
Is there any reference in the doc?
Here is the screenshot I am attaching for the Download element.

Please try to replicate it to “Off” the ID Capture in the Data Security not sure but it is because of it?

Hey Ryan, that would be something you’d need to do within your parent application on loading the page. Glisser Elements uses the below local storage keys and unless you clear them on page load you may see some crossed wires when moving between sessions:

  • glsr_token
  • glsr_attendee
  • glsr_settings
  • glsr_code

Regarding the issue with the download, I can confirm that we can reproduce the issue when setting the ID capture to “Off”, we’ll look to fix it. I would like to ask, however, why are you setting ID capture to “Off”? When you do so you’ll lose a lot of analytics data about your attendees.

I believe the best approach for you would be to leave the ID capture set to “Email Address” and use our silent login functionality documented here to onboard the attendee.

Thank you for your quick reply.

      code: 'sbd',
      identifier: '',
      token: "sdssdsdsdsdsadsdsadsssdsdeweee"

Do you mean we need to set the token value too? in the session with email, code?
If so will there be any randomly generated token that will be used or any specific criteria to generate this one?

Yes for the Id capture value we always want to use email address but unfortunately, it will give error on loading the session for all the elements.
When I check in the console it sometime it gives error if 403 or cannot login.

Hi Ryan, following our call - my advice would be to make sure that you’re on the latest version of Glisser Elements. Also, you don’t need to pass in the token, that’s automatically generated.

Let me know if you still experience issues.